Abortion singers out of key with democracy

rte 8th

Image source: RTE

I can understand why people are shocked at how activists sang in favour of abortion on their way to Belfast last week. After all, singing about how much they want abortion to be decriminalised in Northern Ireland is facetious at best and deeply creepy at worst.
But when you think about it a bit more, should we really be surprised at anything abortion activists do anymore?

After all, members of the abortion movement clapped and cheered in Dublin Castle last year during their bizarre celebration of the repeal of the 8th Amendment. They supported ships and drones and buses giving out abortion pills – something which isn’t safe for women by anyone’s standards. And I remember an older song about how they wanted a law that allows abortion.

We’ve had activists tweeting about their periods (hardly part of classic political campaigning), a laundry line outside the Dail, repeal t-shirts from Rose of Tralee participants, witch references, Christmas carols for choice (one I thought was particularly weird). And don’t forget the repeal mural on the Project Arts Centre.

What this all means it that a song on a bus, while flippant and rude, is just the latest in a long line of stunts intended to push, promote, butt and force through abortion laws. Of course, this one is especially out of place given the fact that the singers were on their way to protest a pro-life march in Belfast. There is strong opposition to abortion in Northern Ireland. And all the songs in the world can’t disguise the fact that the UK Government is trying to railroad over democracy and devolution and introduce abortion in Northern Ireland.

So don’t get too perplexed about the song or the singers. It’s just their way of reminding us all that their campaign is based on stunts and shock tactics and it has nothing to do with genuine concern for mothers and their babies.