Happy Birthday Napoleon

Napoleon is my hero.  I have another hero – Beethoven, who was good and stubborn and a musical genius who went stoney deaf but didn’t give up.   Together, they provide me with constant inspiration in my dual quests to take over the world while creating great works of art.

(Interestingly, they were also linked in their own time as Beethoven dedicated the Eroica symphony to Napoleon but then got a bit cheesed off when Napoleon declared himself Emperor of France.  So Beetie scrawled his dedication out in violent, angry quill strokes – as only he could.  Good old Beethoven, always spoiling for a fight.  That’s why I love him.  Probably why he liked Napoleon too, now I come to think of it).

Anyway, today’s is Napoleon’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Hero #1!!!!!)

I’m a member of a Facebook page that’s dedicated to Napoleon.  Most days there’s discussions of battles and things where people talk about how impressed they were with what Napoleon did (eg. Battle of Austerlitz) or, maybe about how he would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky British soldiers/snow storms/traitors (Russia, Waterloo, etc)

I’m not really into discussing battles to be honest.  I’m kinda more one of those people who collects Napoleon-related things likes books and a really nice Rubik’s cube from the Louvre.  Oh, and when I’m dancing to Abba, I always make sure I sing the second line of “Waterloo” as “Napoleon was graciously defeated”.  If you practise it a few times, it fits in just as well and it helps with the revisionists’ cause.

But today, we’re all joining hands in cyberspace to wish Monsieur Bonaparte a Happy Birthday.  Wanna be involved?  It’ll be great! There’ll be balloons and streamers and a 21-cannon-salute and loads of pain au chocolat.  We’ll sing La Marsellaise and give out lots about Russian winters.  Won’t Napoleon be dee-lighted?!?!  Beethoven might even compose a little birthday ditty in his honour – but only if he wears his nice little pointy soldier’s hat and not that crown that caused all the problems in the first place.

Altogether now…

Happy birthday to you, what d’you think of the EU?  (Job opening in the Aras, might be of interest to you???)




  • Bruno

    Just one precision about your sentence
    Napoléon Le Grand is not The Emperor of France BUT The Emperor of the French and it’s a very very different truth
    Napoléon is not the heir of the old and passeist regim of royalties but the Heir of the Revolution and choice by and came from the people and by the people only
    I remember to you that the worst ennemies of Napoléon & France was this old regim & all this old and passeist Europe of Kings united vs the new world and this new Europe of People reprensented by France alone and Napoléon Le Grand

  • Leo

    Firstly, my name rhymes with hero so I should be in the mix there somewhere.

    Secondly, I like the way the article is written and although, having traveled from the top of France to the bottom and finding the people to be very friendly, I don’t condone your support of a French leader, given the current European debacle we’re in. However, that’s your choice and I respect it :)

    Lastly, I do like you’re rhyme at the end!

  • Cora Sherlock

    You’ve got a point there, Lee. Luckily Napoleon pre-dates the EU and all the problems that came with it, so I think I’m in the clear :)

  • Cora Sherlock

    Good point Bruno. Emperor of the French is a much more accurate title.