If you’re going to #Post4Repeal, don’t forget your P.S.




So I hear that in the latest chapter of international playground tactics by abortion advocates who want Ireland to join them in the maelstrom that accompanies laws allowing human lives to be ended, postcards are going to arrive on Enda Kenny’s doorstep from “whatever corner of the globe you’re in”, in a bid to demand that he holds a referendum immediately. If not before then.

Whether or not Enda Kenny will be in a position to read through any such postcards is one thing. But in the event that they do start drifting our way from the four corners, I’d like to make a request – that everyone who sends one adds a Post Script, setting out how their foolproof strategy for how we should avoid the worst human rights abuses that abortion has caused in their country.

I know what you’re thinking. There isn’t that much room on a postcard and it’s true: certainly for prochoice campaigners in some countries, they’ll have to attach a few A4 pages, such is the list of atrocities that abortion continues to cause on a daily basis.

Discrimination at its best worst

You’re going to need a pretty big postcard if it’s coming from England and Wales, for example. No point is demanding a referendum if you can’t put forward solid proposals that would avoid us ending up with their situation where abortion is legal up to birth for disabilities so that 90% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb are aborted, or where 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in abortion, or even the fact that 37% of all abortions are repeat abortions. (Isn’t that one of the great prochoice arguments – that legalising abortion won’t lead to more abortions taking place? It’s an argument that goes against common sense, certainly and against the statistics in England and Wales, but still…maybe something new will pop up in the postcards. You never know).




And that’s not all they’ll have to think about. Prochoice campaigners are fond of pointing out the proximity of England when they talk about women who travel, but they forget that this makes it easy for us to see almost at first hand the horrors of the life-ending system that they allowed to take hold in 1967.

That means the postscripts are looking like heavy duty from here. We’ll need to know how they suggest we protect our women against the abuses of abortion. They haven’t managed this in England, probably because abuse is inherent in any procedure that ends a human life. But still, they’ll have to try for the purpose of the postcards. How to avoid women bleeding to death after abortions carried out in what passes for the “gold standard” of abortion clinics? How to prevent doctors pre-signing consent forms and leaving them stacked in hospitals for use by just about any woman, regardless of her particular circumstances? How to address the issue of abortion regret, where women say they grieve the loss of the child that would have been in their life but for the advice of someone who assured them they were making the best decision, but which turned out to be a life-ending error? And how to deal with the horrific abuse of babies being born alive and left to die after so-called botched abortions?

I suppose we know the answer to the last one. 66 babies survived the abortion procedure in one year alone in England and Wales. Deprived of medical care, they are simply left to die alone. According to the official records, one of 66 babies struggled for life for ten hours before expiring. The abortion procedure changed after this – but not in the way it should. Instead of recognising the humanity of these babies and outlawing the procedure, they introduced a system whereby poison is injected into the baby’s heart during the procedure so that the baby has a heart attack and died before delivery. Will this feature in a postscript to the Taoiseach?

Icelandic abortionistas have their work cut out for them as well. That figure of abortion for babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome rises to 100% there which means they’re going to need a whole new postcard that deals specifically with the problem of how abortion discriminates against disabled people. It’s a tricky one, for sure and not exactly helped by reports that Denmark seems to be using Iceland as some kind of sick model in this regard, aiming to have an “abortion free society” by 2030. Well, maybe prochoice campaigners from both countries can get together and workshop a response that at least sounds credible and will fit on the back of a postcard.

Women Betrayed

Of course, when the postcards start coming from America, they’re going to be loaded down with excuses. It’s just impossible to explain away the abuses that have taken place in a country where abortion is widely available. Trying to formulate a plan to avoid the horrific abuses that were uncovered in the investigation into Planned Parenthood clinics would take a congressional hearing, not a postcard campaign. Oh hang on! Planned Parenthood has recently been the subject of two separate congressional hearings. So that should be included as a caveat at the bottom of every postcard that comes from the U.S. Something short. Maybe a line or two about how the clinics told women on the one hand that they were aborting a “clump of cells” but that magically turned into “hearts” and “brains” and “organs” when they were being sent on to research facilities. So much for informed consent, huh? Anyway, they might use bigger postcards from America. That would give a lot more room to deal with their myriad of abuses, including their own situation where babies like Melissa Ohden were born alive, just like the 200+ people she has connected with through the Abortion Survivor Network she set up since she discovered the circumstances of her birth. Surely the ASN deserves a postscript or two?


Melissa graphic


On and on it goes. No matter what country you go to, or what system of abortion you consider, the human rights abuses just stack up. In one sense, this campaign reminds me of that phrase “get your own house in order first” but then I think, no, actually – don’t bother coming back even if you do that.

Every single country where abortion has been legalised has its own serious issues as a result. Allowing abortion up to birth, or for disabilities, or for life-limiting conditions, or for any reason, is pure discrimination and makes a mockery of efforts to protect people when they are born. International pressure is not going to force Ireland to remove a constitutional provision that has saved tens of thousands of lives.

We will not allow ourselves to submit to any form of international peer pressure. If these postcards are sent, they are not coming from countries that are our peers in human rights protection. When it comes to abortion, Ireland is far ahead of all other countries because we protect mother and child. We don’t discriminate in our laws. We don’t allow women to die. We don’t deliberately end the lives of unborn children. Our Eighth Amendment is a beacon of international human rights protection and it is an uncomfortable thorn in the side of those who would like to see abortionists have free rein internationally. Instead of taking notice of these kinds of publicity stunts, our politicians should stand up for the Eighth and be rightly proud of a provision that has prevented such horrific human rights abuses taking hold in this country.

P.S. If you want to make your voice heard on behalf of families whose children are alive thanks to the Eighth, and the unborn children who have no-one to speak for them, click here to find out more about the Pro Life Campaign’s current initiative.


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