• Cora Sherlock is a regular participant in abortion debates on television and radio, including RTE, TV3, BBC and Al Jazheera as well as local radio shows throughout Ireland.
  • In October 2014, she was chosen as one of the BBC’s “100 women”.  As part of their efforts to increase the number of women taking part in international news events, the BBC named the 100 women they found most inspirational in their chosen field internationally.
  • She has contributed on a number of occasions to the “review of the papers” on TV3’s Vincent Browne Show.
  • She is a featured blogger on LifeNews.com, the largest online source for pro-life news in the US.
  • She also regularly contributes to publications in Ireland, including the Irish Times, Irish Independent and the Examiner newspapers.

Cora Sherlock speaks about the Marie Stopes Clinic controversy

Cora Sherlock speaking at Pro-Life Vigil in Molesworth Street Dublin 22nd August 2014